• APPLES - R7.65/kg; BANANAS - R5.78/kg; ORANGES - R3.92/kg;          -

  • VEGETABLES: Potatoes - R29.17/10kg; Tomatoes - R4.36/kg; Carrots - R3.75/kg; Onions - R2.54/kg; Cabbages - R2.15/kg; Garlic - R56.04/kg;          -

  • WHITE MAIZE: Aug'17 - R1815/t; Sept'17 - R1834/t; Oct'17 - R1851/t;          YELLOW MAIZE: Aug'17 - R1946/t; Sept'17 - R1965/t; Oct'17 - R2001/t;          WHEAT: Aug'17 - R4670/t; Sept'17 - R4235/t; Oct'17 - R4200/t;          SUNFLOWER; Aug'17 - R4685/t; Sept'17 - R4700/t; Oct'17 - R4777/t;          SOYBEANS:Aug'17 - R4533/t; Sept'17 - R4560/t; Oct'17 - R4585/t;          SORGHUM: Sept'17 - R2600/t; Dec'17 - R3170/t; Mar'18 - R3330/t;          -

  • BEEF: A2/3 - R46.40/kg; AB2/3 - R44.98/kg; B2/3 - R41.96/kg; C2/3 - R41.15/kg; Weaners - R33.08/kg;          MUTTON: A2/3 - R77.77/kg; AB2/3 - R67.52/kg; B2/3 - R62.05/kg; C2/3 - R60.49/kg; Wool skins - R95.11/s;          GOATS: Young goats (>45kg) - R40/kg; Kids (<30kg) - R37/kg; She goats - R26/kg;          PORK: Baconers - R26.42/kg; Porkers - R26.46/kg; Sausage pigs - R19.59/kg;          POULTRY: Frozen - R25.21/kg; Fresh - R25.54/kg; IQF - R23.14/kg;            -

About Us

Core Competencies

Accurate and timely information about the marketing environment is vitally important for the success of any business in a market that is characterized by risk and uncertainty. Such information does not only provide the necessary tools to make informed decisions about business propositions, but also assist in improving the core competencies of the work force that is vital to generate profits.

The abolishment of the previous agricultural marketing boards in South Africa brought about an information gap on how agricultural markets behave at a time that information is more crucial than in the past. Producers, agribusinesses, policy makers and numerous other agricultural groupings all currently experience a need to obtain knowledge on what drives supply, demand and prices of agricultural commodities in a deregulated and dynamic environment.

Additionally, the need also exist to know what factors could in future influence agricultural commodity prices. AMT specializes in the analysis and forecasting of agricultural markets thereby answering precisely in these needs.

Undoubtedly, a lot of efficiency is lost in the work place by the fact that information is gathered in an ad hoc and fragmented manner. By providing a one‐stop‐shop for agricultural market information AMT provides a firm basis to make informed decisions.

Since timing and accuracy of information is vital for profit making decisions AMT publishes weekly, monthly and annual industry reports. This significantly improves the efficiency of decision makers, which in turn entails that they could concentrate on the core activities of the business. AMT therefore does not only provide a sound marketing information system, but also contributes to the well‐being of the agricultural sector in South Africa.

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