• APPLES - R7.65/kg; BANANAS - R5.78/kg; ORANGES - R3.92/kg;          -

  • VEGETABLES: Potatoes - R29.17/10kg; Tomatoes - R4.36/kg; Carrots - R3.75/kg; Onions - R2.54/kg; Cabbages - R2.15/kg; Garlic - R56.04/kg;          -

  • WHITE MAIZE: Aug'17 - R1815/t; Sept'17 - R1834/t; Oct'17 - R1851/t;          YELLOW MAIZE: Aug'17 - R1946/t; Sept'17 - R1965/t; Oct'17 - R2001/t;          WHEAT: Aug'17 - R4670/t; Sept'17 - R4235/t; Oct'17 - R4200/t;          SUNFLOWER; Aug'17 - R4685/t; Sept'17 - R4700/t; Oct'17 - R4777/t;          SOYBEANS:Aug'17 - R4533/t; Sept'17 - R4560/t; Oct'17 - R4585/t;          SORGHUM: Sept'17 - R2600/t; Dec'17 - R3170/t; Mar'18 - R3330/t;          -

  • BEEF: A2/3 - R46.40/kg; AB2/3 - R44.98/kg; B2/3 - R41.96/kg; C2/3 - R41.15/kg; Weaners - R33.08/kg;          MUTTON: A2/3 - R77.77/kg; AB2/3 - R67.52/kg; B2/3 - R62.05/kg; C2/3 - R60.49/kg; Wool skins - R95.11/s;          GOATS: Young goats (>45kg) - R40/kg; Kids (<30kg) - R37/kg; She goats - R26/kg;          PORK: Baconers - R26.42/kg; Porkers - R26.46/kg; Sausage pigs - R19.59/kg;          POULTRY: Frozen - R25.21/kg; Fresh - R25.54/kg; IQF - R23.14/kg;            -

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Vegetable Market Overview

  • Article Date: 2017/08/08 | Category: Other

The potato market is expected to stay in a "lower price and higher supply" scenario in August due to higher than average expected volumes. The price is however expected to increase in September and October when volumes are expected to start decreasing.

When looking at the tomato market, it is expected to go into a "lower price and higher volume" scenario during August. Higher expected volumes over the next month may have a downward pressure on the price in August. However, lower expected volumes in September and October will most likely result in the average price to increase.

The carrot market is expected to stay in a "low price, high volume" scenario during the month of August. Higher expected volumes in the coming months may result in the average price to stay relatively low the following two months. A slightly higher price is however expected in August due to a slight expected decline in volumes.

The onion market is also expected to go into a "low price, higher volume" scenario in August. Lower prices can be expected in the coming three months due to persistent higher than average volumes on the market.

Similarly, the cabbage market is expected to go into a "lower price, higher volume" Scenario in August. Constant higher volumes in the coming two months may result in the price to stay relatively low.

In contrary, the garlic market is expected to stay in a "high price, low volume" scenario in August. Lower expected volumes in August may result in the price to still move upward. However, higher expected volumes in September and October may result in a downward pressure on the price.


Please see monthly vegetable reports for more information.

Agricultural Economic Review

  • Article Date: 2017/07/19 | Category: Other

Global growth is expected to regain some momentum during 2017 due to improved economic activity in Asia. Expectations are that the US will also continue to build on the ground gained in the past year while private consumption in the EU, India and other countries around the world boast well for agriculture in general.

Even though the global economy shows signs of live, the South African economy continue to face several headwinds. These range from policy, business and investor uncertainty that stems mainly from political based decisions and feuds within the ruling party. The impact of the recent downgrades are also likely to become more visible in the months to come. As a result, the prospects of any meaningful economic recovery over the short to medium term has vanished. Coupled with this is the fact that agricultural debt levels continue to rise while solvency ratios are weakening which will add to the already challenging environment for producers. As a result, the likelihood of a cost price squeeze situation is on the rise.

Despite all the challenges, gross farm income remains on the up, net farm income kept trend with gross farm income for most of the past decade and it is expected that the agricultural sector will remain a net exporter in the foreseeable future.